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Kalim Siddique

(Managing Director)

Mr. Kalim Siddique, Managing Director of the Company, is a Graduate from Mumbai University. He is a person with great leadership quality and superior analytic skills. Being in this profession for more than 2 decades, he understands the short- and long-term impact of all decisions taken by him. He do have a very well ability to motivate and communicate, which keeps his work smooth and efficient. He purely believe in hard work to gain success and provide customized recruitment services. Mr. Kalim, has created a place where every person feels proud to work at. He has always focused on growing his business, earning society’s trust and ensuring employee satisfaction.

Mohammad Sajid

(Business Development head)

Mr. Mohammad Sajid is Business Development Head of the Company. This young minded person is a graduate from Mumbai University having a high determination. His developmental strategies and quality planning has taken the company to newer heights. He emphasizes the importance of communication skills and realistic future planning. Mr. Sajid strongly believes that teamwork is the key to success and thus he has a team full of professionals working and helping the clients to get their best service every time. He is very professional but at the same time very kind hearted person and so he builds a very strong bond with every person he works with.
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